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Schimel vs. Schimel is not to be -- at least at the ballot box

A file photo of Mark and Michelle Schimel

A file photo of Mark and Michelle Schimel at a polling place in Great Neck. (March 27, 2007) (Credit: Dick Yarwood)

Showing political savvy far beyond his limited experience in the public arena, Mark Schimel came right out and blamed the media.

Schimel, for a few days at least, was the Republican candidate running against Assemb. Michelle Schimel (D-Great Neck), who happens to have been his wife for 32 years.

Mark Schimel's campaign might have been enough to sink the marriage, except the couple was already estranged, and in pulling out of the abortive race, he made it clear who was at fault: "Any effort to have an honest debate about lowering property taxes, improving our economy and making elected officials more responsive to taxpayers will be impossible given the media's proclivity for sensationalizing the news."

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We'll take our lumps from the former candidate -- just as long as he doesn't blame us for the split-up.

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