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Up on the Board: School votes, cigarettes and terrorism

Lawyers for the wife of the deceased Boston

Lawyers for the wife of the deceased Boston Marathon bombing suspect say she is doing everything she can to assist authorities. But they wouldn't say Tuesday if Katherine Tsarnaeva, widow of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, has spoken to investigators yet. (April 23)

For tomorrow's Newsday, the editorial page is taking a closer look at reports about Long Island school district contracts with a Bellport data-systems company that advertised it could help maximize their "yes" vote during budget elections. It's not clear whether any school districts ever used this premium service from Bold Systems. But if they did, that's a problem. Spending tax money to manipulate elections -- and get more tax money -- is illegal.

We're opposed to a New York City Council proposal to raise the legal age to buy cigarettes to 21.

The board is also keeping an eye on developments out of the Boston terrorism investigation. Do we need to rethink the FBI's surveillance methods and powers? How did the Tsarnaev brothers obtain their weapons, and might interrupting the weapons flow hinder future would-be terrorists? How did they obtain the guns they used to shoot police officers, and how might that affect the gun control debate?

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