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Up on the Board: Suffolk GOP ballot hijinks, undergrad transfers soar

New York needs to reform election laws to

New York needs to reform election laws to make it easier for candidates to get on the ballot. (Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams Jr.)

The editorial board is incensed at how difficult it is for candidates to get on the ballot in New York in general, and in Suffolk County in particular. Witness Brookhaven Town Board member Kathleen Walsh, who was just disqualified by a judge from running in the GOP primary, supposedly because she doesn’t adhere to Republican values and philosophy – at least, that was her opponent’s argument. Earlier this year, Walsh had enrolled as a member of the Independence Party, but because of a quirk in state election law, her party switch officially takes effect after Election Day in November. We think such arcane rules ultimately limit choice for voters.

We’re also looking at the rapidly rising transfer rate among college students. Transfers are up nearly 18 percent Islandwide, often because students are seeking lower costs. Surely, the bad economic times play a role, but we also wonder if we’re witnessing a fundamental protest about taking on debt for a college degree.

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