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Filler: Tom DiNapoli on socially responsible investing, pension costs and debt

State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli on March 14,

(Credit: Newsday / Audrey C. Tiernan)

New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli was at Newsday for an editorial board meeting Thursday morning.

A former Long Island assemblyman, DiNapoli is in charge of the state’s pension funds, and also runs an office that oversees the state’s spending and contracts and does some of the same for local governments and authorities.

An affable and friendly guy, DiNapoli generally doesn't...

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McKinstry: Journal News gun registry fiasco hurts journalism, Andrew Cuomo's poll numbers

New York Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo speaks in

(Credit: AP)

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo is showing a few blemishes after the state’s recent passage of new gun control laws.

More than 100,000 people have signed online petitions against New York’s newly enacted gun control laws and some people have publicly vowed to ignore aspects of it like registering assault weapons. Groups such as the New York State Rifle and Pistol Associations plan to sue and want the...

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Filler: Could Nassau actually save money by lifting its wage freeze on police officers?

A Nassau County police car outside of the

(Credit: Howard Schnapp)

Behind the scenes, the stage is being set for renegotiation of Nassau County’s contract with the Police Benevolent Association. The talks come with almost three years left to run on the current agreement, and it’s almost unheard for a union with a deal as good as Nassau’s to willingly discuss terms early, when it knows the county wants givebacks, but these are peculiar times, for numerous reasons:


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Powell: A Hamptons respite could fuel Clinton for 2016

Then-U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks

(Credit: Getty Images)

Whether she will pursue the White House in 2016 is still up in the air, but Hillary Clinton is clear that for now she wants some rest.

Clinton, who will step down as secretary of state on Feb. 1, gave an introspective exit interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell, reflecting on her legacy and looking toward her future. The full interview aired on Mitchell’s MSNBC show Wednesday.

When Mitchell...

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Cartoon: Hillary Clinton takes a bow

Mark Wilson is a New York political cartoonist and illustrator who lives in the Adirondacks. He publishes under the pen name Marquil.

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Misinformation: Hitler cracked down on gun ownership

Hitler Youth salute during review by their feuhrer

(Credit: AP, 1938)


Did Adolf Hitler say, "To conquer a nation, one must first disarm its citizens"?

"Hitler's infamous quote ... is probably a fraud and was likely never uttered." (Vol. 73, Issue 2 Article 11, 2004), according to University of Chicago law professor Bernard E. Harcourt, writing in the Fordham Law Review.

He offers an...

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Dolman: Peter King tired of being GOP's 'punching bag'

Rep. Peter King speaks to reporters after appearing

(Credit: AP)

For many Northeastern Republicans in the House of Representatives, life isn't so easy.  

They’re caught in the middle. To have genuine influence, they must go along to get along, often with hard-liners in the party who can seem angry about everything these days -- about government, about the president, about modern life in general. Some play the go-along game better than others.


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Cartoon: Benghazi boomerang

Mark Wilson is a New York political cartoonist and illustrator who lives in the Adirondacks. He publishes under the pen name Marquil.

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Dolman: The Pentagon will allow women to serve in combat zones - it's about time

Sargent Sheena Adams, 25, blows bubbles with Afghan

(Credit: Getty Images, 2010)

The Pentagon on Wednesday said Defense Secretary Leon Panetta is removing the ban on women in combat—a move that will allow them to serve in hundreds of thousands of front-line positions and elite commando jobs.

That’s a great step forward for equality.

But where, you might ask, are the front lines in Afghanistan? And where exactly were they after we had shocked and awed our way into...

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Filler: Staffers deserve credit for reporting alleged drunk dentist

Robert Garelick, 57, of Melville, is led out

(Credit: James Carbone)

As if going to the dentist wasn’t already scary enough!

Accusations that Lindenhurst dentist Robert Garelick was trying to drill while intoxicated are sure to give pause to his patients in particular, and pop to mind for lots of folks going to any dentist as the whirring tools near their mouths. Garelick allegedly tried to see to a patient after sipping at a squeeze bottle full of vodka throughout...

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