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Cartoon: The TNT Party

Mark Wilson is a New York political cartoonist and illustrator who lives in the Adirondacks. He publishes under the pen name Marquil.

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Filler: LIRR disability fraud case is even more shocking than expected

Michael Constanza, 60, of Merrick, left, and Frederick

(Credit: Charles Eckert)

No matter how disgusted and appalled we were primed to feel about the massive conspiracy to defraud the Long Island Rail Road via fake disability claims for retirees, the details that have followed are still shocking. The federal trial of two Long Island men accused of disability fraud are delivering plots so jaw-dropping that they seem like storylines from a movie.

Witnesses say Frederick...

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Filler: Nikola Tesla statue dedicated, an overdue tribute to a great scientist

A couple walks past a large banner with

(Credit: Newsday / John Paraskevas)

Call it a fitting tribute to a master technologist: the dedication of a statue and monument to Nikola Tesla in Shoreham Monday was livestreamed worldwide over the Internet for his devoted fans.

For Nikola Tesla devotees, the event was another sign that the movement to get their hero the recognition he deserves just keep growing.

The monument graces Wardenclyffe, the laboratory in Shoreham...

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Dolman: Will talking about class be a winning strategy for Bill de Blasio?

Mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio emerges after casting

(Credit: AP)

Congratulations, Bill de Blasio, on a fine primary showing.

You were out on the streets to save crucial institutions like Long Island College Hospital before it was cool. You were one of the first to pick up on the city’s considerable case of Bloomberg fatigue.

You didn’t stuff our mailboxes full of fliers. Your son Dante was a television sensation — and you had the wonderful luck to...

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Uberti: John McCain is playing games with Syria

Sen. John McCain talks to reporters after leaving

(Credit: Getty Images)

Sen. John McCain is playing games when it comes to Syria -- and not just on his iPhone.

The Republican hawk said Wednesday morning he'd vote against a Senate resolution authorizing military force in Syria. It comes less than a day after Senate Foreign Relations Committee leaders crafted a draft proposal narrowly restricting intervention to a maximum of 90 days. The panel planned to meet again...

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Uberti: Taking MDMA isn't worth the risks

A general view of atmosphere during Electric Zoo

(Credit: Getty Images)

It’s not so much about listening as it is about feeling. Electronic dance music fans attend shows for the full-body experience, as crowds of individual concertgoers become a single, writhing, sweating organism, moving as one to flashing lights and bass drops that make your ears throb.

As it does for select listeners of most genres, feeling the pulse of electronic dance music — EDM, for short...

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Uberti: New York should outlaw gay conversion therapy

New York should join New Jersey and California

(Credit: TCA Illustration/Mark Weber)

Forty-eight states still allow mental health professionals to inflict cruel and unusual punishment on homosexual minors through gay conversion therapy.

Only California and New Jersey have taken steps to protect gay and lesbian youths — populations hard-pressed to protect themselves — from such “therapy.”

A federal court in San Francisco ruled in late August that a California law prohibiting...

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