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Lane Filler is a member of the Newsday editorial board. He came to Long Island in 2010 after working for newspapers in Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

Uberti: John McCain is playing games with Syria

Sen. John McCain talks to reporters after leaving

(Credit: Getty Images)

Sen. John McCain is playing games when it comes to Syria -- and not just on his iPhone.

The Republican hawk said Wednesday morning he'd vote against a Senate resolution authorizing military force in Syria. It comes less than a day after Senate Foreign Relations Committee leaders crafted a draft proposal narrowly restricting intervention to a maximum of 90 days. The panel planned to meet again...

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Uberti: Taking MDMA isn't worth the risks

A general view of atmosphere during Electric Zoo

(Credit: Getty Images)

It’s not so much about listening as it is about feeling. Electronic dance music fans attend shows for the full-body experience, as crowds of individual concertgoers become a single, writhing, sweating organism, moving as one to flashing lights and bass drops that make your ears throb.

As it does for select listeners of most genres, feeling the pulse of electronic dance music — EDM, for short...

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Uberti: New York should outlaw gay conversion therapy

New York should join New Jersey and California

(Credit: TCA Illustration/Mark Weber)

Forty-eight states still allow mental health professionals to inflict cruel and unusual punishment on homosexual minors through gay conversion therapy.

Only California and New Jersey have taken steps to protect gay and lesbian youths — populations hard-pressed to protect themselves — from such “therapy.”

A federal court in San Francisco ruled in late August that a California law prohibiting...

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Up on the Board: Mosque surveillance zilch, East End land sale, firefighter academy

A protected 14 acre corn farm on Highland

(Credit: Randee Daddona)

The editorial board is interested in a story about the New York City Police Department’s surveillance of mosques. The NYPD has labeled entire mosques as terrorist organizations, allowing the police to use informants, record sermons and other strong measures. We note that no prosecutions have come from the dozen or so investigations, and we wonder if the effort is worth the intrusion on Muslim worship.


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Cartoon: The GOP Southern Strategy at 50

Mark Wilson is a New York political cartoonist and illustrator who lives in the Adirondacks. He publishes under the pen name Marquil.

GALLERY: More cartoons by Jimmy Margulies

Up on the Board: Noisy LaGuardia planes, Hub parking, cameras and privacy

NEW YORK - JULY 22: (EDITORS NOTE: Retransmission

(Credit: Getty Andy Jacobsohn)

A new flight path for planes taking off out of LaGuardia Airport is seeing more use – and more noise complaints from residents of Bayside, Flushing, Douglaston and other Queens neighborhoods. The editorial board believes that the FAA should closely monitor the noise and listen to the community’s concerns. However, the path is essential for NextGen technology that should make better use of New York...

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Uberti: MTA worker offers a case study in bad getaways

Police say Joel Grasman, 51, a veteran NYC

(Credit: Howard Schnapp)

The extended arm of a stolen New York City crane truck struck several power lines as a joyriding transit employee drove it through his Elmont neighborhood Tuesday morning. Unfortunately for suspect Joel Grasman, however, lightning didn’t strike at the right moment, he wasn’t traveling 88 mph and the vehicle lacked a flux capacitor.

Grasman’s original plan wasn’t so heavy: Head to Jamaica transit...

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Uberti: One small step backward for Twitterkind

Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong on the lunar

(Credit: AP, 1969)

Neil Armstrong is dead. Still.

Social media erupted today with an outpouring of condolences and memories honoring the first man to walk on the moon. Problem is, Armstrong died a year ago.

That’s not the amount of time it takes for news to travel to our lunar satellite and back. But it may be the period required for the attention-span-deprived, 17-second-news-cycle-craving Twittersphere...

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Up on the Board: Chemical weapons in Syria, and NFL pressure over concussions

President Barack Obama speaks in Syracuse, N.Y. President

(Credit: AP)

The editorial board is concerned about the use of chemical weapons in Syria, but we have more questions than recommendations for U.S. foreign policy. Board member Alvin Bessent said he doesn’t believe there’s anything particularly different about people dying from chemical weapons or explosives – except that President Barack Obama drew a “red line” against the use of chemical weapons. Isn’t it important,...

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Uberti: Gov't transparency via Tumblr? Seriously?

National Intelligence Director James Clapper testifies on Capitol

(Credit: AP)

When President Obama announced last week that the intelligence community would create a website to serve as a “hub for further transparency” of the nation’s surveillance programs, I didn’t expect much. Even in the digital age, throwing government information online doesn’t mean a lot. But I assumed the site would be a bit more ambitious than a blog on Tumblr.

For everyone reading who’s over...

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