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Up on the Board: Mayoral control of NYC schools, Pope Francis, Det. Scarcella

Candidates for New York City Council are talking about whether the mayor should retain such strict control over the city school system. The editorial board believes that parents should have a stronger voice in decision-making, although we’re not at all eager for a wholesale return to the days before mayoral control, when the system was chaotic and dominated by the United Federation of Teachers.


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Uberti: Detroit has enough problems without Congressional politics

An empty house is seen with the GM

(Credit: EPA)

There’s a fundamental problem with the growing gaggle of Republicans seeking to bar the federal government from bailing out Detroit.

No leaders in Washington are proposing that. And few leaders in Michigan — organized labor being the exception — want it.

Maybe it wasn’t clear when White House spokesman Jay Carney said, “The issue here of the insolvency and dealing with that is one that...

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Up on the Board: Nassau comptroller’s soccer jones, LIPA plant, NICE bus

Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos' spokesman Jostyn Hernandez

(Credit: Howard Schnapp)

The editorial board is critical of a report from Nassau County Comptroller George Maragos that hails the return of the New York Cosmos soccer team to Long Island. The professional team will play 14 home games beginning next month at Hofstra University. Maragos has studied the potential economic impact – but we think it’s exaggerated at $19 million. Also, there are plenty of other wobbly county financial...

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Uberti: Tale of the tweets from Babylon hate crime suspects

Left to right, Shane Buckley, 18, Justin Buckley,

(Credit: SCPD)

As news of four Oceanside teens charged with a hate crime broke this past weekend, their Twitter accounts were disabled, helping to shelter them from public scrutiny and backlash.

A search of Twitter shows the suspects’ accounts were active until the day before the alleged incident. Tweets directed toward Nicholas Battaglia, Gregory Gilbert and brothers Shane and Justin Buckley, continued...

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Up on the Board: Lobsterman survives, Poppy Bush, gas gouging

In this undated photo, John Aldridge, a Montauk

The editorial board is buoyed by the story of a 45-year-old Montauk lobsterman who survived 12 hours in the Atlantic Ocean, to be rescued by the Coast Guard yesterday afternoon. John Aldridge, who wasn’t wearing a life jacket when he fell overboard, said he tucked his rubber boots under his arms as flotation devices. Board member Alvin Bessent wondered which boot-maker thought of such a useful feature.


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Crowley: Gas station fines won't be enough to stop future price gouging

A judge has ordered the owners of a

(Credit: Danielle Finkelstein)

The lines for gas after superstorm Sandy are something every Long Islander will remember: hundreds of people waiting for hours, either in their cars or standing online with containers, just to get some fuel to run their generators, vehicles, or other essential items.

Long Islanders are used to abusive prices at the pump, but what a few gas stations did during Sandy is just insulting.


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Up on the Board: Carlos Danger distracts, Nassau contract reform, menthol cigs

New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner leaves

(Credit: AP )

The editorial board thinks Anthony Weiner’s candidacy for New York City mayor is so distracting that other, more important issues are sliding to the wayside – for example, the New York City Housing Authority’s poor performance and an annual report today on the city budget.

We’re also concerned about the long-running battle at the Nassau County Legislature over borrowing. This time, the legislature...

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Uberti: A sliver lining to Hempstead's embarrassing grade inflation?

Hempstead High School.

(Credit: Joel Cairo)

The latest plot development in the sad, decades-long saga of Hempstead schools shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Carlos Ramirez, the former director of technology who exposed the district’s grade-inflation policy in June, announced Monday that he plans to sue the school system for wrongful termination.

The Hempstead school board voted 3-1 Thursday to fire Ramirez. But officials at the meeting...

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Filler: Anthony Weiner needs to stop apologizing

NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, seen here earlier

(Credit: Craig Ruttle)

At this point -- as it's becoming clear that part of Anthony Weiner's personal life exists in a dark place most of us can't really relate to, but his wife seems able to smilingly accept -- what I want from Weiner has changed.

I'm not asking him not to send photos of his various body parts to make-believe sexual partners all over the planet. I'm not asking him to stop sexting, or using his...

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Dolman: How much patience do we have left for Anthony Weiner?

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner speaks during

(Credit: AP)

So how much patience do we have left for Anthony Weiner?

This afternoon’s press conference—following the revelation of another salacious exchange with another woman online, apparently after he resigned from Congress -- was bizarre, cringe-inducing, maddening.

He’s a smart fellow. But he’s doing a terrible job of faking humility, decency and sincerity. Instead he’s trying to walk us yet...

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