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Up on the Board: A death in Nepal, shark fin ban, Suffolk consolidation

Kuldip, mom, and Chander Kochhar, dad, parents of

(Credit: Howard Schnapp)

The editorial board is behind a proposal by Rep. Steve Israel to have the U.S. threaten to withhold financial aid to Nepal, until the government there investigates the death of Bhoomika Kochhar. The 25-year-old Syosset woman married a Nepalese man, moved there, and then died on June 15, in what his family says was a suicide. But the woman’s family is skeptical. The aid we send to foreign countries...

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Crowley: Help students focus by starting school later

Experts have suggested that delaying the start of

(Credit: iStock)

During the school year, hitting the snooze button is very appealing to most high school students. The thought of rolling back into bed and catching a few more minutes of sleep crawls into the head of even the most zealous students. And this urge is really not their fault.

Training for cross-country, completing my homework and studying for tests all prevent me from getting to bed by 10. Usually...

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Up on the Board: Upward mobility in the U.S., LIPA property tax changes

The LIPA Newbridge Road Substation in Levittown being

(Credit: Jim Peppler)

The editorial board is interested in a new social mobility study by a team of economists at Harvard and the University of California–Berkeley. The U.S. has known for a while now that American kids are less likely than foreign kids to grow up to make more money than their parents. These economists demonstrate that social mobility correlates with a few under-appreciated factors, like mixed-income...

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Uberti: Keep your eyes on the road -- anti-texting troopers on the prowl

An man works his phone as he drives

(Credit: AP)

Few are innocent: I do it, you do it, your grandmother does it -- well, maybe she does.

Texting while driving has become habit for nearly every motorist, not just teens who are glued to their smartphones already. Why answer a message later if you can do it now? It takes just a few seconds, after all, not long enough for the police to catch you. Right?

Perhaps not any more. On July 1,...

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Crowley: On Long Island, a heat wave is just the start of climate change

It's possible the temperature will hit 90 on

(Credit: Jeffrey Basinger)

Average temperatures have been on the rise for the the past three decades, and the recent heat wave has only exacerbated Long Islanders’ hopes for a cooler July this year.

One day — July 18 — is the hottest day, on average, for Long Island every year, with a mean temperature of 82 degrees. But for July 18, 2013 the average was 86.5, above the mean for sure and a lot hotter than in the 73 degrees...

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Dolman: Lever machines aren't perfect for NYC, but they are the best option

An old voting machine is seen in Atlantic

(Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy)

Last month Albany rushed in with some CPR for New York City’s wheezing elections bureaucracy. The state passed a measure allowing the city Board of Elections to revert to the old lever-pull voting machines in the Sept. 10 citywide primary election and runoff if necessary.

But now is saying the board could face a lawsuit because the old machines—inaugurated nationally around...

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Up on the Board: State Troopers spy texters, Pete King in the White House, Dubai’s weight loss plan

Republican Congressman Peter King asks a question of

(Credit: AP)

New York State Troopers have purchased a small number of SUVs to help them see drivers who are texting and enforce a state ban. Summer intern David Uberti is looking into how many of the SUVs will be deployed on Long Island.

We note that the MTA is using some of its surplus funds to restore service cuts in Port Washington and Greenpoint, among other places. The editorial board had called for...

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Uberti: Hempstead school board deflects blame for recent gaffes

Hempstead School District Superintendent Susan Johnson speaks at

(Credit: Anthony Lanzilote)

In a functioning district, the school board would at least try to explain the decision-making process that led to institutionalized grade inflation and a typo-ridden summer reading list.

But this wasn’t a functioning school district. This was Hempstead.

About 75 people watched as the board, led by district autocrat Betty Cross, voted 3-1 to fire Carlos Ramirez, the director of technology...

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Dolman: New York City needs a change, but what kind?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is urging

(Credit: Getty Images)

New York’s voters aren’t looking so much for a leading man or woman this year as for a best friend.

They want a mayor who feels their pain—who knows what it’s like to wait for an eternity in a subway station the temperature of Venus, who knows what it’s like to spend most of your paycheck on an apartment that makes an ordinary motel room seem like Versailles.

As for Michael Bloomberg?...

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Up on the Board: Tsarnaev cover photo, UFT and charter schools, TWA Flight 800

Rolling Stone defends its cover of Boston bombing

The editorial board debated whether Rolling Stone magazine should have run a cover photo of suspected Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Rolling Stone usually reserves that spot for celebrities. Some board members said the cover glamorizes Tsarnaev. But board editor Rita Ciolli argued that the photo does exactly what it should: It raises questions about a young man with seemingly everything...

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