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Crowley: Time to legalize MMA in New York

Chris Weidman celebrates after defeating Anderson Silva. (July

(Credit: Newsday/Mario Gonzalez)

Chris Weidman shocked the Ultimate Fighting Championship world on Sunday by accomplishing what seemed impossible, knocking out undefeated middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Weidman trained for many arduous weeks in order to physically and mentally prepare to take on Silva. But the biggest fight of his career may be convincing the state Assembly to lift the ban on mixed martial arts in New York.


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Filler: Deadlines approaching in Albany and no clarity in sight

The New York State Capitol in Albany.

(Credit: Getty Images)

With about 95 hours to go until the hard deadline for getting legislation passed this week in Albany, the ugliness is mounting and the clarity is not. It’s supposed to be the last week of the session, although Gov. Andrew Cuomo can always make everyone stay after class. More and more of late he does seem to ready to keep them after class, since he's not allowed to cane them. But as it stands, any...

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McKinstry: How long can Sheldon Silver stay in power?

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) talks to reporters

(Credit: AP )

The New York State Senate has a not-so-subtle message for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: Time’s up.

The Senate passed a bill on Monday that would cap at 12 the number of years that a lawmaker could serve in a leadership post in the legislature.

Although there was no mention of Silver in this internal term-limits proposal, Senate members admit it was an obvious dig at the embattled...

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Cartoon: Herding New York's Assembly Democrats

Mark Wilson is a New York political cartoonist and illustrator who lives in the Adirondacks. He publishes under the pen name Marquil.

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