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Uberti: One small step backward for Twitterkind

Apollo 11 astronaut Neil Armstrong on the lunar

(Credit: AP, 1969)

Neil Armstrong is dead. Still.

Social media erupted today with an outpouring of condolences and memories honoring the first man to walk on the moon. Problem is, Armstrong died a year ago.

That’s not the amount of time it takes for news to travel to our lunar satellite and back. But it may be the period required for the attention-span-deprived, 17-second-news-cycle-craving Twittersphere...

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Uberti: Tale of the tweets from Babylon hate crime suspects

Left to right, Shane Buckley, 18, Justin Buckley,

(Credit: SCPD)

As news of four Oceanside teens charged with a hate crime broke this past weekend, their Twitter accounts were disabled, helping to shelter them from public scrutiny and backlash.

A search of Twitter shows the suspects’ accounts were active until the day before the alleged incident. Tweets directed toward Nicholas Battaglia, Gregory Gilbert and brothers Shane and Justin Buckley, continued...

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Gorman: The emotional response to the Boston Marathon bombings

Police on School and Walnut Street in Watertown,

(Credit: Getty Images)

The Boston Marathon bombings shook the nation. The media reports -- man hunt updates, Amtrak service suspended, family interviews, how many suspects, link to Al Queda, where is Chechnya— are overwhelming. What's important, what's not, what does this all mean?

I'm too young to remember how I felt on 9/11 so I have no frame of reference for how to analyze all the implications of the last 24...

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Gorman: NYPD, FDNY issue rules for social media. What took them so long?

EMS Lt.Timothy Dluhos has been suspended without pay

A New York City Emergency Services worker was exposed as the author of racist posts on Twitter under the name of "Bad Lieutenant." This embarrassment to the city’s Fire Department came just a few days after the son of a top ranking commissioner, Joseph Casino, was also fired for vile speech online.

While the FDNY is still drafting obviously much needed social media rules, the New...

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Gorman: Netiquette for messages to people in grief

Internet posters should respect the feelings of people

(Credit: iStock)

The death of Liam Armstrong, a senior at Smithtown High School East who was struck by a subway train Tuesday night in Manhattan while attempting to cross four tracks, is horrific.

Grief-stricken community members showed support for those closest to Armstrong by posting things like “always remembered” and “you’ll be missed” on social media websites.

The accident was tragic, that is no...

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