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Dobie: The election season is over. Finally.

Residents cast their ballots to vote in the

(Credit: AP)

You all win. I’m worn out. I love the electoral process and everything that goes with, but I’m happy you’re about to go away. I live in West Babylon and over the last month my house has been bombarded by all manner of mailings, robocalls and personal visits, all in regard to the battle between Democrat Tom Dolan and Republican Kevin McCaffrey for the 14th District seat in the Suffolk County Legislature....

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Bessent: On election day, think about ways to raise voter turnout

Merrit Tucker, 3, sits on his mother, Abbey

(Credit: Charles Eckert)

Turnout in today's election is expected to be dismal, which is too often the case in New York and the nation.

The world’s greatest democracy should have the world’s highest voter turnout. Sadly, it doesn't. Not even close.

Coming in at 138 out of 172 industrialized nations, the United States falls embarrassingly near the bottom. Only 57.5 percent of those eligible actually voted in the...

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Dobie: Are Suffolk County Republicans even trying?

On the website of the Suffolk County Republican

It’s October. Election season. You live in Suffolk County and want to find out who’s running. So you go to the websites for the two major parties.

The Suffolk County Republican Committee is first. You see the tab marked “candidates” right in the middle of the screen and click on it. And you get a photo of Mitt Romney. And below him, Wendy Long. And the rest of the GOP slate from 2012. There...

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Dolman: Will talking about class be a winning strategy for Bill de Blasio?

Mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio emerges after casting

(Credit: AP)

Congratulations, Bill de Blasio, on a fine primary showing.

You were out on the streets to save crucial institutions like Long Island College Hospital before it was cool. You were one of the first to pick up on the city’s considerable case of Bloomberg fatigue.

You didn’t stuff our mailboxes full of fliers. Your son Dante was a television sensation — and you had the wonderful luck to...

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Uberti: City election app is a giant leap forward

New York City Campaign Finance Board app.

(Credit: New York City Campaign Finance Board app. )

Political processes usually lag far behind technological advancement. The lever machines New Yorkers will use to vote in this year’s elections, for example, were a hot new invention in the 1890s. But the old-school contraptions were deemed necessary in 2013 because election officials couldn’t count votes fast enough using electronic scanners.

Despite such slow evolution of the mechanisms of...

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Dolman: Lever machines aren't perfect for NYC, but they are the best option

An old voting machine is seen in Atlantic

(Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy)

Last month Albany rushed in with some CPR for New York City’s wheezing elections bureaucracy. The state passed a measure allowing the city Board of Elections to revert to the old lever-pull voting machines in the Sept. 10 citywide primary election and runoff if necessary.

But now is saying the board could face a lawsuit because the old machines—inaugurated nationally around...

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Dolman: New York City needs a change, but what kind?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is urging

(Credit: Getty Images)

New York’s voters aren’t looking so much for a leading man or woman this year as for a best friend.

They want a mayor who feels their pain—who knows what it’s like to wait for an eternity in a subway station the temperature of Venus, who knows what it’s like to spend most of your paycheck on an apartment that makes an ordinary motel room seem like Versailles.

As for Michael Bloomberg?...

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Bessent: Record black voter turnout is the perfect response to voter suppression efforts

Voting at the Northport City Hall voting location

(Credit: AP)

In a priceless comeuppance for Republicans who tried to suppress the Democratic vote in the 2012 election, black voters, who are overwhelmingly Democrats, turned out at a rate that surpassed that of whites for the first time on record.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau 66.2 percent of eligible blacks voted, compared to 64.1 percent of eligible non-Hispanic whites.

And among all racial...

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