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Uberti: A sliver lining to Hempstead's embarrassing grade inflation?

Hempstead High School.

(Credit: Joel Cairo)

The latest plot development in the sad, decades-long saga of Hempstead schools shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Carlos Ramirez, the former director of technology who exposed the district’s grade-inflation policy in June, announced Monday that he plans to sue the school system for wrongful termination.

The Hempstead school board voted 3-1 Thursday to fire Ramirez. But officials at the meeting...

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Uberti: Hempstead school board deflects blame for recent gaffes

Hempstead School District Superintendent Susan Johnson speaks at

(Credit: Anthony Lanzilote)

In a functioning district, the school board would at least try to explain the decision-making process that led to institutionalized grade inflation and a typo-ridden summer reading list.

But this wasn’t a functioning school district. This was Hempstead.

About 75 people watched as the board, led by district autocrat Betty Cross, voted 3-1 to fire Carlos Ramirez, the director of technology...

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