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Dobie: Progress on boating safety, but not enough

Coast Guard Officers perform a safety check on

(Credit: Ed Betz)

New York finally has a new boating safety law. Some of its proponents, in full self-congratulatory mode, described the legislation as “landmark” and praised it as guaranteeing that all New York boaters will be properly educated in how to safely handle their vessels.

Alas, it falls far short of that.

At best, it’s a step in the right direction — a small step.

Broadly sketched, the...

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Uberti: Parties share blame for New York's weak sex trafficking laws

Senate Republican leader Dean Skelos (R-Rockville Centre) in

(Credit: AP )

New York Senate co-leader Dean Skelos didn’t waste too much time Monday trying to link his rivals in the Assembly to the horrors of human sex trafficking. In a press release as well as a statement posted on Facebook, the Rockville Centre Republican pointed to the FBI’s takedown of a nationwide child prostitution ring, announced only a few hours before, as a sign New York needs to bolster its sex...

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Uberti: Keep your eyes on the road -- anti-texting troopers on the prowl

An man works his phone as he drives

(Credit: AP)

Few are innocent: I do it, you do it, your grandmother does it -- well, maybe she does.

Texting while driving has become habit for nearly every motorist, not just teens who are glued to their smartphones already. Why answer a message later if you can do it now? It takes just a few seconds, after all, not long enough for the police to catch you. Right?

Perhaps not any more. On July 1,...

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Bessent: Nude sunbathing ends on Fire Island, but there's still room for toplessness

At a beach on Fire Island with nude,

(Credit: Daniel Goodrich)

Mother nature and human nature have ended nude sunbathing on Fire Island.

That’s too bad, although it probably had to happen.

Certain beaches on the island have been hospitable to nudity for decades, even though baring all in public is against the law in New York. That wink-and-a-nod will end this summer, according to authorities of the Fire Island National Seashore, which shares jurisdiction...

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