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Uberti: MTA worker offers a case study in bad getaways

Police say Joel Grasman, 51, a veteran NYC

(Credit: Howard Schnapp)

The extended arm of a stolen New York City crane truck struck several power lines as a joyriding transit employee drove it through his Elmont neighborhood Tuesday morning. Unfortunately for suspect Joel Grasman, however, lightning didn’t strike at the right moment, he wasn’t traveling 88 mph and the vehicle lacked a flux capacitor. Grasman’s original plan wasn’t so heavy: Head to Jamaica transit...

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Filler: Deadlines approaching in Albany and no clarity in sight

The New York State Capitol in Albany.

(Credit: Getty Images)

With about 95 hours to go until the hard deadline for getting legislation passed this week in Albany, the ugliness is mounting and the clarity is not. It’s supposed to be the last week of the session, although Gov. Andrew Cuomo can always make everyone stay after class. More and more of late he does seem to ready to keep them after class, since he's not allowed to cane them. But as it stands, any...

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