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Dolman: Will talking about class be a winning strategy for Bill de Blasio?

Mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio emerges after casting

(Credit: AP)

Congratulations, Bill de Blasio, on a fine primary showing.

You were out on the streets to save crucial institutions like Long Island College Hospital before it was cool. You were one of the first to pick up on the city’s considerable case of Bloomberg fatigue.

You didn’t stuff our mailboxes full of fliers. Your son Dante was a television sensation — and you had the wonderful luck to...

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Dolman: Campaign Finance Board sends right message by denying funds to John Liu

New York City Comptroller John Liu, who is

(Credit: AP)

New York City Comptroller John Liu likes to portray himself as a populist, a modern-day Fiorello LaGuardia—always on the barricades, fighting for the little guy, standing up for immigrants, doing whatever he can to push back against the smug one-percenters who would rather he just disappear.

Even this morning, an hour before the city Campaign Finance Board voted to withhold up to $3.53 million...

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Filler: Anthony Weiner needs to stop apologizing

NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, seen here earlier

(Credit: Craig Ruttle)

At this point -- as it's becoming clear that part of Anthony Weiner's personal life exists in a dark place most of us can't really relate to, but his wife seems able to smilingly accept -- what I want from Weiner has changed.

I'm not asking him not to send photos of his various body parts to make-believe sexual partners all over the planet. I'm not asking him to stop sexting, or using his...

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Dolman: How much patience do we have left for Anthony Weiner?

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner speaks during

(Credit: AP)

So how much patience do we have left for Anthony Weiner?

This afternoon’s press conference—following the revelation of another salacious exchange with another woman online, apparently after he resigned from Congress -- was bizarre, cringe-inducing, maddening.

He’s a smart fellow. But he’s doing a terrible job of faking humility, decency and sincerity. Instead he’s trying to walk us yet...

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Dolman: New York City needs a change, but what kind?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is urging

(Credit: Getty Images)

New York’s voters aren’t looking so much for a leading man or woman this year as for a best friend.

They want a mayor who feels their pain—who knows what it’s like to wait for an eternity in a subway station the temperature of Venus, who knows what it’s like to spend most of your paycheck on an apartment that makes an ordinary motel room seem like Versailles.

As for Michael Bloomberg?...

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Dolman: Taxis are New York City's daily dose of agita — and magnificence

A woman tries to hail a taxi on

(Credit: Getty Images)

New York City "makes up for its hazards and its deficiencies by supplying its citizens with massive doses of a supplementary vitamin -- the sense of belonging to something unique, cosmopolitan, mighty and unparalleled," wrote the incomparable E.B. White in 1948. On good days, I think he's still right. On others, I think his notion is a cruel joke.

Consider the taxi wars.


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Dolman: 2013 elections already giving New York City a wild ride

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer speaks to

(Credit: Charles Eckert)

We've always known New York City is not a normal place. Minneapolis is normal. Omaha is normal. New York is a town whose lurid eccentricities have a disturbing way of massing into destructive madness -- like Sandy roaring into town under a full moon at high tide. The resulting chaos is not a sight for the squeamish or for tiny school children or for civics teachers.

As the city's election...

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Dolman: Mayoral candidates need to talk about education more

File photo of children on a school bus

(Credit: Getty Images)

The No. 1 issue on the minds of likely voters in New York City’s upcoming elections is not the stop-and-frisk imbroglio. It’s not the tough, elusive struggle for better outcomes in programs for the homeless and mentally ill. It’s not the shockingly sorry status of more than a few city parks. It is education, said a speaker at a Manhattan Institute forum this morning, citing a recent Zogby poll the...

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Cartoon: Anthony Weiner for mayor

Anthony Weiner, the congressman who tweeted himself out of a job two years ago with a photo of his bulging underpants, is considering jumping into the New York City mayor's race.

Mark Wilson is a New York political cartoonist and illustrator who lives in the Adirondacks. He publishes under the pen name Marquil.

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McKinstry: Clarkstown quickly sheds Joseph Savino amid corruption scandal

Joseph Savino, Bronx County Republican Party chairman, exits

(Credit: Charles Eckert)

In firing scandal-tarred lawyer Joseph Savino, Clarkstown leaders acted swiftly in dealing with a potentially explosive situation.

But let's not break out the good government awards just yet.

Savino is the Bronx Republican Party boss whose White Plains-based law firm was hired by Clarkstown last year to handle tax-challenge cases even though he apparently had little expertise in that...

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