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Striegel: A rare politician keeps his ego in check

In a refreshing pledge, Larry Cantwell, the new

(Credit: John Roca)

Three cheers to newly installed East Hampton Supervisor Larry Cantwell, who told the town board on Thursday that they should not be surprised if they don’t see his name on signs at town parks. “It is not because the parks department forgot,” he said. “I asked they not waste time and money preparing these signs.”

How many of us have shaken our heads in disgust at the way elected officials plaster...

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Bessent: Detroit needs help just like municipalities around the nation

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announces he will appoint

(Credit: Getty Images)

The city of Detroit has been on the skids for decades, and Friday it finally tumbled into the financial abyss. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced he would appoint an emergency manager to take over the city’s troubled finances.

A booming auto industry hub of 1.8 million people in the 1950s, Detroit now has just 700,000 residents. With boarded-up homes, darkened streets, high crime, inadequate...

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