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Uberti: New York should outlaw gay conversion therapy

New York should join New Jersey and California

(Credit: TCA Illustration/Mark Weber)

Forty-eight states still allow mental health professionals to inflict cruel and unusual punishment on homosexual minors through gay conversion therapy.

Only California and New Jersey have taken steps to protect gay and lesbian youths — populations hard-pressed to protect themselves — from such “therapy.”

A federal court in San Francisco ruled in late August that a California law prohibiting...

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Bessent: Chris Christie's dilemma after death of Frank Lautenberg

Sen. Frank Lautenberg and the-Sen. Barack Obama hold

(Credit: Getty Images, 2006)

Sen. Frank Lautenberg's death this morning presents New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie with both a political opportunity and a partisan dilemma.

Christie now has an opportunity to appoint a successor who would have the huge advantage of running for election in 2014 as an incumbent.

But does the Republican governor appoint a Democrat -- say Newark's popular Mayor Corey Booker -- and burnish...

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