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Uberti: A sliver lining to Hempstead's embarrassing grade inflation?

Hempstead High School.

(Credit: Joel Cairo)

The latest plot development in the sad, decades-long saga of Hempstead schools shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Carlos Ramirez, the former director of technology who exposed the district’s grade-inflation policy in June, announced Monday that he plans to sue the school system for wrongful termination.

The Hempstead school board voted 3-1 Thursday to fire Ramirez. But officials at the meeting...

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Filler: Anthony Weiner needs to stop apologizing

NY mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, seen here earlier

(Credit: Craig Ruttle)

At this point -- as it's becoming clear that part of Anthony Weiner's personal life exists in a dark place most of us can't really relate to, but his wife seems able to smilingly accept -- what I want from Weiner has changed.

I'm not asking him not to send photos of his various body parts to make-believe sexual partners all over the planet. I'm not asking him to stop sexting, or using his...

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Dolman: How much patience do we have left for Anthony Weiner?

New York mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner speaks during

(Credit: AP)

So how much patience do we have left for Anthony Weiner?

This afternoon’s press conference—following the revelation of another salacious exchange with another woman online, apparently after he resigned from Congress -- was bizarre, cringe-inducing, maddening.

He’s a smart fellow. But he’s doing a terrible job of faking humility, decency and sincerity. Instead he’s trying to walk us yet...

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Uberti: Keep your eyes on the road -- anti-texting troopers on the prowl

An man works his phone as he drives

(Credit: AP)

Few are innocent: I do it, you do it, your grandmother does it -- well, maybe she does.

Texting while driving has become habit for nearly every motorist, not just teens who are glued to their smartphones already. Why answer a message later if you can do it now? It takes just a few seconds, after all, not long enough for the police to catch you. Right?

Perhaps not any more. On July 1,...

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Dolman: Lever machines aren't perfect for NYC, but they are the best option

An old voting machine is seen in Atlantic

(Credit: Patrick E. McCarthy)

Last month Albany rushed in with some CPR for New York City’s wheezing elections bureaucracy. The state passed a measure allowing the city Board of Elections to revert to the old lever-pull voting machines in the Sept. 10 citywide primary election and runoff if necessary.

But now is saying the board could face a lawsuit because the old machines—inaugurated nationally around...

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Uberti: Hempstead school board deflects blame for recent gaffes

Hempstead School District Superintendent Susan Johnson speaks at

(Credit: Anthony Lanzilote)

In a functioning district, the school board would at least try to explain the decision-making process that led to institutionalized grade inflation and a typo-ridden summer reading list.

But this wasn’t a functioning school district. This was Hempstead.

About 75 people watched as the board, led by district autocrat Betty Cross, voted 3-1 to fire Carlos Ramirez, the director of technology...

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Dolman: New York City needs a change, but what kind?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is urging

(Credit: Getty Images)

New York’s voters aren’t looking so much for a leading man or woman this year as for a best friend.

They want a mayor who feels their pain—who knows what it’s like to wait for an eternity in a subway station the temperature of Venus, who knows what it’s like to spend most of your paycheck on an apartment that makes an ordinary motel room seem like Versailles.

As for Michael Bloomberg?...

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Dolman: David Petraeus makes a well-timed retreat and takes a pay cut

David H. Petraeus, former army general and head

(Credit: AP)

David Petraeus is a general who understands the value of a well-timed retreat. Hired recently to teach an honors course for perhaps as much as $200,000 at the City University of New York, the former CIA director and commander of U.S. forces in Iraq and Afghanistan has backed off—saying on Monday that, upon second thought, a fee of $1 would work pretty well. That’s great news—because CUNY and the...

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Dolman: Taxis are New York City's daily dose of agita — and magnificence

A woman tries to hail a taxi on

(Credit: Getty Images)

New York City "makes up for its hazards and its deficiencies by supplying its citizens with massive doses of a supplementary vitamin -- the sense of belonging to something unique, cosmopolitan, mighty and unparalleled," wrote the incomparable E.B. White in 1948. On good days, I think he's still right. On others, I think his notion is a cruel joke.

Consider the taxi wars.


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Dolman: 2013 elections already giving New York City a wild ride

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer speaks to

(Credit: Charles Eckert)

We've always known New York City is not a normal place. Minneapolis is normal. Omaha is normal. New York is a town whose lurid eccentricities have a disturbing way of massing into destructive madness -- like Sandy roaring into town under a full moon at high tide. The resulting chaos is not a sight for the squeamish or for tiny school children or for civics teachers.

As the city's election...

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