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Dolman: Mayoral candidates need to talk about education more

File photo of children on a school bus

(Credit: Getty Images)

The No. 1 issue on the minds of likely voters in New York City’s upcoming elections is not the stop-and-frisk imbroglio. It’s not the tough, elusive struggle for better outcomes in programs for the homeless and mentally ill. It’s not the shockingly sorry status of more than a few city parks. It is education, said a speaker at a Manhattan Institute forum this morning, citing a recent Zogby poll the...

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Crowley: Time to legalize MMA in New York

Chris Weidman celebrates after defeating Anderson Silva. (July

(Credit: Newsday/Mario Gonzalez)

Chris Weidman shocked the Ultimate Fighting Championship world on Sunday by accomplishing what seemed impossible, knocking out undefeated middleweight champion Anderson Silva. Weidman trained for many arduous weeks in order to physically and mentally prepare to take on Silva. But the biggest fight of his career may be convincing the state Assembly to lift the ban on mixed martial arts in New York.


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Dolman: Give Eliot Spitzer a second chance

Former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer visits FOX

(Credit: Getty Images, 2011)

On Sunday evening, as most of New York was winding down from a quiet holiday weekend, former Gov. Eliot Spitzer barged into what had been a sleepy contest for city comptroller with a Shakespearean burst of sound and fury. He wants forgiveness. He wants redemption. He wants his old public life back. He wants to be loved. He wants to matter again. You give me another chance, Spitzer is saying, and...

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Uberti: Possible firing of Hempstead whistle-blower looks suspect

The Hempstead school district has been systematically changing

(Credit: Anthony Lanzilote)

School districts rife with controversy need the sort of honesty displayed by Carlos Ramirez, who exposed Hempstead school district’s grade-inflation policy last month.

But that honesty isn’t sitting well with district administrators. They’ve since gone on the defensive for Hempstead’s decades-old policy of automatically rounding up failing final grades of 63 and 64 to passing marks of 65 for...

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Uberti: NY State disclosure forms are a poor excuse for transparency

Janet DiFiore, chairwoman of the New York State

(Credit: AP)

Though state officials’ financial disclosure forms are expected to be made public for the first time this week, don’t expect a treasure trove of well-organized, easily searchable information. That would make too much sense.

State legislators’ outside income, investments and debts will be available online in accordance with the Public Integrity Reform Act of 2011. Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo hailed...

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McKinstry: Is the Women's Equality Act the beginning of the end for the IDC?

State Sen. David Carlucci speaks with the media

(Credit: Susan Stava)

In a show of support for Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, Rockland Democrats are blasting one of their own: New York Sen. David Carlucci. They’re particularly peeved at the Independent Democratic Conference's role in blocking the governor’s Women’s Equality Act from being voted on.

They’re calling Carlucci a sellout. It's this kind of hardball pressure tactics that just might force the Senate to have...

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Ciolli: Andrew Cuomo's abortion reform push will come down to the wire

Opponents to expanded abortion rights in New York

(Credit: AP)

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo promised in his January State of the State Address that a women’s equity agenda would be his signature legislative initiative this session. Despite an aggressive push, such as the one he used to get a vote on same-sex marriage in 2011, he may wind up with only nine laws -- and the 10th turned into a potent weapon for the 2014 election.

Cuomo’s original omnibus bill addressed...

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Filler: Deadlines approaching in Albany and no clarity in sight

The New York State Capitol in Albany.

(Credit: Getty Images)

With about 95 hours to go until the hard deadline for getting legislation passed this week in Albany, the ugliness is mounting and the clarity is not. It’s supposed to be the last week of the session, although Gov. Andrew Cuomo can always make everyone stay after class. More and more of late he does seem to ready to keep them after class, since he's not allowed to cane them. But as it stands, any...

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McKinstry: Keep taxpayer-funded pension data public

If we lack specifics, it?ll be impossible to

(Credit: iStock)

If sunlight is the best disinfectant then why do some New York lawmakers want to shut out its rays?

A bill that would clarify precisely what it means to be a state retiree – those collecting a taxpayer-funded pension – is being block by Republicans in the State Senate (It was approved in the Assembly). This legislation would actually clarify what it means to be a “retiree” versus a “beneficiary.”


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McKinstry: How long can Sheldon Silver stay in power?

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver (D-Manhattan) talks to reporters

(Credit: AP )

The New York State Senate has a not-so-subtle message for Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver: Time’s up.

The Senate passed a bill on Monday that would cap at 12 the number of years that a lawmaker could serve in a leadership post in the legislature.

Although there was no mention of Silver in this internal term-limits proposal, Senate members admit it was an obvious dig at the embattled...

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