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Dobie: Are Suffolk County Republicans even trying?

On the website of the Suffolk County Republican

It’s October. Election season. You live in Suffolk County and want to find out who’s running. So you go to the websites for the two major parties.

The Suffolk County Republican Committee is first. You see the tab marked “candidates” right in the middle of the screen and click on it. And you get a photo of Mitt Romney. And below him, Wendy Long. And the rest of the GOP slate from 2012. There...

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McKinstry: A price for Independence nod in Westchester County

Dr. Giulio Cavallo, chairman of the Westchester County

(Credit: Xavier Mascarenas)

In his bid for re-election, Rob Astorino didn't get the Westchester Independence Party's nomination for county executive. It went to Democrat Noam Bramson.

No big surprise there.

That party's boss, Giulio Cavallo, endorsed Astorino in 2009, but soon after became disenchanted with the Republican. Now, as Cavallo was doling out endorsements this week, he's saying that Astorino is too far...

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McKinstry: Board of Elections doesn't enforce New York's campaign finance laws

Voting at the Northport City Hall voting location

(Credit: AP)

When it comes politicians breaking the rules, it’s much worse than you think.

And I'm not talking about the seemingly endless parade of perp walks or corruption charges levied against state lawmakers in recent years.

It’s about New York’s campaign finance system – and the state Board of Elections mostly nonexistent enforcement of the laws.

There were 103,805 violations of New York’s...

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