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Bessent: Immigration reform hits a stumbling block in the House

The Capitol Dome silhouetted against the rising sun

(Credit: Getty Images)

The immigration bill moving through the Senate would reduce federal budget deficits and boost the nation’s economy if it becomes law. That’s what Washington's respected, nonpartisan bean-counters said in a report released Tuesday.

Despite that good news immigration reform is on the road to oblivion in the House.

The bill negotiated by the Senate’s bipartisan “gang of eight” would cut...

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Filler: Deadlines approaching in Albany and no clarity in sight

The New York State Capitol in Albany.

(Credit: Getty Images)

With about 95 hours to go until the hard deadline for getting legislation passed this week in Albany, the ugliness is mounting and the clarity is not. It’s supposed to be the last week of the session, although Gov. Andrew Cuomo can always make everyone stay after class. More and more of late he does seem to ready to keep them after class, since he's not allowed to cane them. But as it stands, any...

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Bessent: Chris Christie's dilemma after death of Frank Lautenberg

Sen. Frank Lautenberg and the-Sen. Barack Obama hold

(Credit: Getty Images, 2006)

Sen. Frank Lautenberg's death this morning presents New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie with both a political opportunity and a partisan dilemma.

Christie now has an opportunity to appoint a successor who would have the huge advantage of running for election in 2014 as an incumbent.

But does the Republican governor appoint a Democrat -- say Newark's popular Mayor Corey Booker -- and burnish...

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Gorman: Rand Paul is filibustering John Brennan's nomination, but is anyone listening?

Sen. Rand Paul speaking on the floor of

(Credit: AP)

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has been babbling since midday, filibustering the nomination of John Brennan to be the new director of the CIA with a little help from his Senate colleagues.

Beginning with a promise to “speak until I no longer can,” Paul says that he will not “sit quietly and let President Obama shred the Constitution” with drones. So far, Paul has gone through an entire binder of notes....

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