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Filler: To call a snow day or not? The school administrator's dilemma

Traffic on Old Country Road in Westbury as

(Credit: Howard Schnapp)

Long Island’s education leaders know they’re damned if they do call off school before the kids show up, and they’re damned if you don’t.

If they sound the “No School, Let the Celebrations of Children and Wailing of Parents Begin” alarm and call it off, they risk the possibility that by the time the kids actually creep from the bed and peer outside the clouds will have passed by without dropping...

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Crowley: Help students focus by starting school later

Experts have suggested that delaying the start of

(Credit: iStock)

During the school year, hitting the snooze button is very appealing to most high school students. The thought of rolling back into bed and catching a few more minutes of sleep crawls into the head of even the most zealous students. And this urge is really not their fault.

Training for cross-country, completing my homework and studying for tests all prevent me from getting to bed by 10. Usually...

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Crowley: Should high school students spend their summers in college lecture halls?

A Penn State University student walks across campus

(Credit: AP)

High schoolers from around the world wish an answer to this trite question: What do I want to be when I grow up?

The question is more overwhelming now than ever as many colleges look for students who are less well-rounded and more specialized. The same goes for parents who don’t want to pay for four expensive years of experimentation.

So this shift from well-rounded to angular students...

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Crowley: Is taking an AP class really worth all the effort?

A student takes a sample SAT test during

(Credit: Getty Images)

Students across the country found out what they received on their Advanced Placement tests on Friday. I’m one of them, and like so many of my contemporaries, I was eager to see all my hard work boiled down into one number grade. Everyone’s hoping to get that great feeling that comes from earning a 4 or 5 on an exam.

But is taking an AP class really worth all the time and effort?


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Powell: Time for the climate of science education to change

An empty classroom at the start of a

(Credit: Daniel Brennan)

We've all heard time and time again that the United States lags behind other industrialized countries in science and math. And president after president has instituted their own version of education reform, although none seems to have improved this plight.

But it doesn't stop us from trying.

Yet another set of guidelines, geared specifically toward science, was announced on Tuesday....

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