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Uberti: Online security issues more critical as Internet grows

More and more of everyday life is moving

(Credit: AP, 2008)

The Internet is growing up fast.

More and more of everyday life is moving online, from 140-character reactions to last night’s Mets game to baby pictures posted on Facebook. U.S. retailers expect about a quarter-trillion dollars of Internet sales this year. Governments, meanwhile, are training cohorts of cyberwarriors to carry out attacks on foreign computers while protecting those at home.


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Bessent: We can only hope Kim Jong Un isn't serious about nuclear war

In this photo released by the Korean Central

(Credit: AP)

Crazed or calculating? That's what the world needs to know about North Korea's young Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

The answer has been impossible to fathom so far. But the cloistered nation has nuclear weapons and long-range missiles and Kim's reckless saber-rattling has been incessant since he succeeded his father Kim Jong Il on Dec. 28, 2011. So hopefully the answer is calculating. 


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Bessent: It's about time the Obama administration called China out for its cyberattacks

Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi leaves after a

(Credit: AP)

The Obama administration called China out on cyberattacks Monday. It demanded the Chinese government stop the theft of data from the computer networks of American companies that appears to be the work of hackers operating inside China.

Before National Security Advisor Tom Donilon spoke Monday at the Asia Society in New York City, the administration had avoided mentioning China by name when...

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