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Bessent: Barack Obama's speech on national security is welcome and overdue

President Barack Obama reacts to a woman yelling

(Credit: AP)

The case for a fundamental shift in the nation’s approach to combating terrorists that President Barack Obama laid out Thursday — including a call for Congress to refine or even repeal the 2001 authorization for the use of military force — was both welcome and overdue.

The nation is still threatened by terrorists. Boston and Benghazi made that painfully clear. But the existence of a few individuals...

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Gorman: Rand Paul is filibustering John Brennan's nomination, but is anyone listening?

Sen. Rand Paul speaking on the floor of

(Credit: AP)

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has been babbling since midday, filibustering the nomination of John Brennan to be the new director of the CIA with a little help from his Senate colleagues.

Beginning with a promise to “speak until I no longer can,” Paul says that he will not “sit quietly and let President Obama shred the Constitution” with drones. So far, Paul has gone through an entire binder of notes....

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Bessent: Why was a drone flying above Kennedy Airport today?

Two TSA agents wait for passengers to go

(Credit: AP Photo Anthony Behar)

Just when one development increases confidence in air travel, another shakes that faith.

Air travelers will be allowed to board commercial planes with small knives and hockey sticks, a couple of golf clubs and similar sports equipment in tow starting April 25. TSA officials said permitting those currently banned carry-ons will allow its officers to focus on more serious security threats. Things...

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Bessent: Barack Obama must release more information about drone strikes

Anti-war protesters disrupt the start of a nomination

(Credit: Getty Images)

President Barack Obama is between a rock and a hard place politically as he pushes to win Senate confirmation of John Brennan, his nominee for CIA director.

Before giving him their votes some reticent Democrats want to see classified memos laying out the legal justification the administration claims for the targeted killings by drone it’s been doing around the world.

Republicans have...

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