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Crowley: Is taking an AP class really worth all the effort?

A student takes a sample SAT test during

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Students across the country found out what they received on their Advanced Placement tests on Friday. I’m one of them, and like so many of my contemporaries, I was eager to see all my hard work boiled down into one number grade. Everyone’s hoping to get that great feeling that comes from earning a 4 or 5 on an exam.

But is taking an AP class really worth all the time and effort?


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Uberti: Possible firing of Hempstead whistle-blower looks suspect

The Hempstead school district has been systematically changing

(Credit: Anthony Lanzilote)

School districts rife with controversy need the sort of honesty displayed by Carlos Ramirez, who exposed Hempstead school district’s grade-inflation policy last month.

But that honesty isn’t sitting well with district administrators. They’ve since gone on the defensive for Hempstead’s decades-old policy of automatically rounding up failing final grades of 63 and 64 to passing marks of 65 for...

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Up on the Board: School votes, cigarettes and terrorism

Lawyers for the wife of the deceased Boston

For tomorrow's Newsday, the editorial page is taking a closer look at reports about Long Island school district contracts with a Bellport data-systems company that advertised it could help maximize their "yes" vote during budget elections. It's not clear whether any school districts ever used this premium service from Bold Systems. But if they did, that's a problem. Spending tax money...

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