Editorial: Bills Gov. Andrew Cuomo should sign

Governor Andrew Cuomo addresses members of the media

Governor Andrew Cuomo addresses members of the media during a press conference about the end of the legislative session. (June 19, 2013) (Credit: Albany Times Union)

Governor, sign these bills

Special Education Audits: New York spends $1.3 billion for preschool special education programs, and a handful of random audits by the state comptroller found widespread fraud and abuse. The bill would mandate audits of the more than 300 providers of services for children with disabilities.

Sandy Tax Relief: Many Long Island homeowners are facing full property tax bills for homes now worth a lot less. This bill allows taxing jurisdictions to reduce the assessment on damaged properties by 20 percent or more. Towns, villages and school districts can recoup the lost revenue through a special bonding program.

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Retired Police Officers and Firearms: This is an exemption from the Secure Ammunition and Firearms Enforcement Act for officers who bought or were issued weapons in the course of their law enforcement duties and who retired in good standing. The weapons would still have to be registered under the Safe Act, but the retiree could buy larger magazines and have them loaded with more rounds.

Help for NuHealth: This technical and critically important bill would give the operators of Nassau University Medical Center the flexibility to collaborate with other providers as they respond to changes in the health care system. It would allow for efficient and improved care while helping the bottom line of the beleaguered public system.


Boating Safety: The attempt to require safety instruction courses for all boaters did not sail, but starting next May, those younger than 18 would be required to obtain a boating safety certificate.

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