Three men had a stash of drugs -- including crack, cocaine, heroin, Ecstasy and marijuana -- in their car when troopers stopped them on Interstate 84 in Orange County on Wednesday, State Police at Middletown said.

The men were driving through Wallkill on the interstate when troopers pulled over their car for what police said were "several" traffic infractions.

A search of the car turned up the stash of drugs, which police said included half an ounce of cocaine, heroin and MDMA, as well as more than a pound of marijuana.

Investigators questioned the three men -- including one man from Middletown, a man from Pennsylvania and a third man from Massachusetts -- and learned the suspects kept a larger stash in a storage unit in Wallkill, cops said. After getting a warrant, police opened the storage unit, where they said they found 3 ounces each of crack cocaine and MDMA as well as an ounce of heroin and two handguns. The guns were reported stolen from Pennsylvania, police said.

Jose M. Rosario of Matamoras, Pa., the 26-year-old driver during the traffic stop, was charged with four counts of third-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and one count of second-degree criminal marijuana possession, all felonies. Jamel T. Williams, 24, of Middletown, and Shariff M. Gual, 26, of Northbridge, Mass., each were charged with second-degree criminal possession of marijuana, a felony.

Police said their investigation is ongoing and that they expect to file more charges.

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All three men were sent to Orange County Jail, Rosario on $100,000 bail and Gual and Williams on $125,000 each. Police attributed the higher bail amounts for Gaul and Williams -- who were hit with lesser charges compared with Rosario -- to criminal history, recommendations from the district attorney and the judge's discretion.

Attorney information for the suspects was not available Wednesday night.