PASSAIC - Gov. Chris Christie will speak to the state Assembly on Monday regarding children's access to medical marijuana under certain conditions.

Jayden Singer, 12, lives with the after-effects of a bacterial meningitis attack that left him unable to hear or speak. The Singers believe their son's crippling seizures would ease with medical marijuana, but the time frame for getting the medicine worries them.

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The process to get dispensaries up and running means the child might not see medical marijuana for months, which could prove fatal for the boy. The Singers say their son's strict regimen of medicines are building up toxins in his body, some counteracting so much that they're losing effectiveness.

The marijuana would be distilled into oil that would run through Singer's feeding tube. With strains already being grown in New Jersey, it would be easy to set up, but the legislative process is taking time the Singers say they don't have.

Andrew Singer says that if it came down to it, he would move to Colorado, or even drive there regularly to get his son medical marijuana.