THE BRONX - Pedestrians are calling for safer streets along Broadway in Riverdale.

The intersection of West 259th and Broadway has been studied and surveyed, and reports indicate that the stretch of road is one of the most dangerous in the state.

In a state transportation campaign survey conducted from 2009 to 2011, it was the most deadly stretch in New York with 10 pedestrian deaths.  

Last November, a car hit an elevated subway pole on Broadway and 240th Street. The accident killed both the driver and the passenger.

On Tuesday, another two-car crash occurred on Broadway at West 259th Street. Six people were transported to the hospital as a result of the accident.

The Department of Transportation says it has surveyed the area and in 2012 completed a traffic 'calming project' along Broadway, stretching from 242nd Street all the way to Westchester County.

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It says it will look into traffic signal timing at the intersection of West 259th and Broadway to make sure cars are required to slow down.