Peter Willcox, Greenpeace activist from Norwalk, jailed in Russia for alleged piracy

Willcox, captain of the Arctic Sunrise, was one of 30 activists arrested back in September for protesting a Russian oil rig in the Arctic Ocean. The entire crew was captured by Russian authorities.

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NORWALK - The wife of a Greenpeace activist from Norwalk says she has spoke with her husband for the first time since he was jailed last month in Russia.

Maggy Willcox says her husband Peter was one of 30 protesters arrested last month after several Greenpeace activists headed to an oil rig to place a banner reading "Don't drill in the Arctic." Willcox says her husband stayed aboard the ship he was captaining instead of going to the rig, but was arrested also.

Russian officials claim the group was trying to seize the rig and charged the 30 activists with piracy.

Willcox received a call from her husband yesterday morning and says he's healthy and in good spirits. Her main focus now is getting him home. The Dutch government has recently intervened to get the 30 jailed activists released.

A candlelight vigil for Willcox will be held Saturday evening in the Village Creek neighborhood of Norwalk, where the Willcox family lives.

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