Pioneer Supermarket remains closed after partial ceiling collapse on Cypress Avenue

The grocery store was evacuated when wet ceiling tiles began falling where part of the roof is sagging.

THE BRONX - A Pioneer Supermarket in the borough will remain closed following a partial ceiling collapse. 

The Cypress Avenue grocery was evacuated Wednesday afternoon after wet ceiling tiles started falling inside the store where a section of the roof is visibly sagging. The entire block was also evacuated as precaution. 

The city's Building Department issued a vacate order for Pioneer, but says that another grocery store and a dry cleaner adjacent to the supermarket are structurally safe and able to resume business. 

An insurance adjuster on the scene estimates the damage could reach $300,000. It's believed that heavy snow and ice on the roof is to blame. 

A Buildings Department spokesperson says that the owner of the market will hire a professional engineer to evaluate if the roof and building are stable, and determine all necessary repairs before the vacate order can be lifted.

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