Have you ever played a paintball video game and wanted to be in it? Paintball is great. Here are some suggestions on where to go and how it works so you can have a great time, too.

I am a member of a paintball team at High Velocity in Coram. We call our team Nomad Lost Boyz. It was put together by my friend. My team has boys and girls. There are players from 10 to about 40 years old. This is very special to me because you get to have fun and hang out with your friends on the team.

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High Velocity Paintball has seven maps: Castle, Woods, Trenches, Attack & Defend, Air Force, WWII and, my favorite, Western Town. When you get to the field, you will be nervous. I suggest making friends right away, and you will love the sport of paintball, no matter where you go. Making teams has made this even more fun for me.

High Velocity Paintball (high velocitypaintball.com) is at 426 Mill Rd., Coram. So get your paint and camo gear, and hit the field.