LODI - Police in Bergen County have issued an Amber Alert for two children reported missing from a Lodi school following the discovery of a woman's body at at Lodi home.

The children are listed as 7-year-old Anthony Jordan and 8-year-old Nicholas Jordan. Both are believed to be with their father, John Jordan, 47.

They were last seen at Wilson Elementary School.

Both boys were last seen wearing a school uniform, which consists of a maroon-colored collared shirt and khaki pants.

The disappearance is connected to a police investigation at an apartment on Garibaldi Avenue, where family and friends on the scene say the boys' mother was murdered.

Investigators believe the suspect is believed to be operating either a 4-door, 2007 black Honda Civic with NJ plate number VHH37S, or a 2012 grey/silver Honda Accord NJ plate number Z56CDJ.

Anyone with information on the two children is asked to call 911, the Lodi Police Department at (973) 473-7600 or the New Jersey State Police at (609) 963-6951.

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