STAMFORD - One woman has been killed after being hit by an SUV in Downtown Stamford.

Police say Janice Pielert, 58, was in the crosswalk Monday when she was hit by a Chevrolet Tahoe driven by Natalie Gainer, of Norwalk.

Officers say Pielert was pinned underneath the SUV at the intersection of Summer and Hoyt streets.

Pielert's family say they got the call from police and immediately made their way to Stamford Hospital, where Pielert was rushed after the accident, but it was too late.

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News 12 is told Pielert worked nearby at a law office. Her boss released a statement saying she was a caring and concerned emissary. There is no word yet on funeral arrangements for Pielert.

Police say it is too early in their investigation to determine if the driver will face charges.