FAIRFIELD - Fairfield police are trying to locate a woman to serve her with an arrest warrant for allegedly causing a fiery car accident on Monday night. 

Police say Rosa Blanca Chavarria-Medina was drunk and driving with a suspended license when she drove off the exit 25 ramp on I-95 and hit five vehicles before crashing into a Cumberland Farms gas station.

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There were six people in the cars that were struck, including a baby. Everyone made it out of the accident alive. 

The police investigation found nothing wrong with the vehicle. They say the accident occurred because Chavarria-Medina was drunk. 

Investigators say they have made several attempts to locate Chavarria-Medina, but have not yet been able to find her. 

Police could not arrest Chavarria-Medina on the scene because they say they first needed to complete their investigation into the accident.