PEEKSKILL - Locals took part in a rally Wednesday night in Peekskill calling for justice for the unarmed Missouri teen gunned down by police.

The demonstration was held outside Sen. Chuck Schumer's (D-NY) office on Park Place.

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The small and peaceful rally was the first local gathering over the teen’s death.

Community members organizing the rally say it is time to start finding solutions and they want lawmakers to hold federal hearings into Brown's death. The rally was also held to show solidarity with the demonstrators in Ferguson.

Organizers say they are singling out Sen. Schumer because they believe he will be the most receptive to their concerns out of all the state's elected officials.

Sen. Schumer said in a statement that he hopes the federal investigation underway will uncover the facts and allow impartial justice to be achieved.

The St. Louis County prosecutor is presenting evidence for a grand jury to decide if Officer Darren Wilson will be charged in Brown's death. Attorney General Eric Holder is also in Ferguson to be briefed on the ongoing federal investigation.