YONKERS - There are less than two months to go until lawmakers in Washington, D.C. hit their first major budget deadline in the wake of the recent government shutdown.

Hudson Valley Rep. Nita Lowey is one of 29 members of the budget negotiation to make sure the country doesn't run into another political showdown

Lowey told News 12 she laid blame for the shutdown on Republicans in general and its tea party members, specifically. However, she says it doesn't change the fact that a deal must be reached.

"I'd like to say there's an awakening, but certainly there has been some meetings of the minds," she says. "I do think moderate Republicans, friends of mine, understand you cannot threaten to shut down the government, and worse than that, shut down the government."

Sen. Charles Schumer isn't on the budget commission, but will be a key voice in the Senate, where he says there is some common ground.

"Everyone agrees there's wasteful spending that has to be cut and agree there's tax loopholes, and if we could do both of those things we could deal with our deficit as well as deal with sequestration," said Schumer.

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Lowey headed to Washington, D.C. today to start the process of budget negotiations.

The first deadline to agree on a budget is Dec. 13.