Rep. Nita Lowey: House GOP's shutdown is reckless and irresponsible

Rep. Nita Lowey came into the News 12 studios to discuss the issues paralyzing Congress.

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YONKERS - Rep. Nita Lowey had some harsh words for her Republican colleagues today when she sat down with News 12 for an interview.

Lowey said the Republican majority in the House of Representatives is reckless and irresponsible. The GOP is still insisting that Senate Democrats and President Barack Obama negotiate over the fate of the Affordable Care Act in order to end the government shutdown.

Obama says he is willing to talk with Republicans about their concerns once the shutdown ends and the nation's debt limit is raised.

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"The president is absolutely right, you can't say shut down the government because of a piece of legislation that passed the House, passed the Senate, affirmed by the Supreme Court," Lowey says.


The deadline for raising the nation's debt limit is Oct. 17.

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