NEW BRUNSWICK - A Rutgers tradition will become a little bit harder for students to enjoy beginning next week.

For more than 20 years, the food trucks popular with budget-conscious college students were conveniently located in the College Avenue parking lot.

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Campus officials say construction is forcing them to relocate the trucks from the lot.

In September, crews start work on a $295 million improvement project that includes a new academic building, student apartments, retail space, concession stands and restaurants..

The owner of R U Hungry says his grease truck will move to the Livingston campus. "We're definitely going to miss that location, but again, we cannot look back," says Ayman Elnagger.

Other owners are not as positive. Ihab Salib, of Just Delicious, is complaining the university mishandled talks with the vendors and left him wondering about the future of his business. "Personally, I don't know where I'm going to be next," Salib says.

The university has given owners until Aug. 15 to move, and has offered alternate locations.