YONKERS - Former Yonkers City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi is about to start a six-year sentence in a federal prison for her conviction on corruption charges.

Before leaving for the Danbury Connecticut's Federal Prison for Women, Annabi sat down for an exclusive interview with News 12 and is still proclaiming her innocence. Annabi says she is limited as to what she could say, while her appeal is still pending. "I am innocent and this has been a very difficult process for my family and I. I believe in the criminal justice system. It is not over," says Annabi.

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Annabi was convicted last year of selling her vote on two key development projects in Yonkers, including Ridge Hill. She had hoped to remain free while she appeals her case, but a federal appeals judge denied her request on Friday.

After the interview, Annabi left her parents home in Yonkers and began the drive to Connecticut. She says she is nervous about going into prison, "There is some sort of anxiety because I don't know exactly what I'm walking into but I hold my head up high, because I am innocent."