BRICK - Current Mayor Stephen Acropolis has decided not to seek re-election in Brick Township, and voters say Sandy recovery should be a priority for anyone who wants the job.

The Ocean County community was hit hard by Sandy, and some neighborhoods are still devastated.

Voters like Pat McClendon say the greatest priority for the next mayor should be helping residents recover. "I mean it's been a year and there are still people living in Fort Monmouth," she says. "There are still people living with relatives in temporary housing."

Council President Joe Sangiovanni says he's the best choice for mayor. As a Sandy survivor just recently back in his home, he says he can best relate to what others are going through. "We have to get the dunes completed," Sangiovanni says. "We have to have the Army Corp of Engineers to put the wall in."

Sangiovanni's opponent and fellow Council Member John Ducey says his focus would be getting people back into their homes. The attorney is critical of Brick Township for hiring costly engineering firms to document damage. "It was a cost of $1 million - Sandy money that should be going to Sandy victims," says Ducey.

Property taxes are another key issue in the race, with many residents here saying they're afraid they'll be taxed out of their homes.

Ducey says he'd reduce the budget by eliminating eight department head jobs. Sangiovanni says he'd trim union contracts.

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Voters will decide which candidate is better qualified to stabilize taxes and help this community recover from Sandy in the election on Nov. 5.