NEW HYDE PARK - Police say a New Hyde Park woman stole a snake from a pet store, drove drunk and then smashed into a firehouse Monday night.

Sarah Espinosa, 22, stole the python from Petco in Garden City Park, according to police. She then allegedly drove drunk and in possession of marijuana.

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Police say Espinosa's car crashed into the center median, plowed into street signs and then sideswiped a car. She then slammed into the bay door of the New Hyde Park Fire Department.

Witnesses say she had the snake wrapped up like a necklace on her chest during the incident.

A Petco employee told News 12 that Espinosa asked to see the $89 python and then slipped out when they were distracted by another customer.

Petco would not officially comment on the snake theft. News 12 was told that the snake was brought back to the store unharmed.

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Espinosa faces charges including DWI, petit larceny and reckless endangerment. She is being held on $5,000 bail.