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Lisa Lisa at The Emporium

Lisa Lisa (aka Lisa Velez) is perhaps freestyle

(Credit: Handout)

With all the live freestyle taking place on Long Island this month, one might get the impression that the onetime local phenomenon is due for a comeback.

Flip the calendar in reverse about 25 to 30 years, and you'd find virtually every club on LI had DJs spinning the danceable genre. And whether heard on the dance floor or cruising in the car while listening to radio stations (like WQHT-FM...

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Board Game Night at Sip This

On Feb. 10, Sip This coffeehouse in Valley

(Credit: AP)

The world of home entertainment may be dominated by the latest arrivals for PlayStation, Xbox and other video platforms -- but for some, the old-fashioned board game still does the trick.

From classic challenges like Monopoly, Sorry and Scrabble, to more modern tests like Pictionary and Trivial Pursuit, can more than satisfy board gamers to pass on a bloody battle of Call of Duty or Assassin’s...

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The Red Ball 2014

The flyer for the upcoming "Red Ball," set

(Credit: The Coral House)

Planning to head out for Valentine's Day, just you and your sweetie? If so, mature couples should keep in mind that the average lounge or pub is often dominated by wigwagging sweaty singles frequently “putting their hands up” as the DJ commands it to be so (for those yet to visit a nightclub, it’s not an uncommon occurrence) -- and for some twosomes, the notion of a romantic rendezvous backed by...

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A Valentine’s Day burlesque show

Long Island-based burlesque entertainer Betsy Propane. She?ll be

(Credit: Megan Raube)

When thinking of burlesque, the notion of a long-lost, vaudevillian striptease act may come to mind – and while the impression that it’s a risque sort of amusement is accurate, the full truth is that the art form also happens to have very modern legs.

Although its origins date to the 1800s, contemporary burlesque found its beginnings as nightclub and theater entertainment in cities like New...

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The Louder Than Love Valentine's Ball

Freestyle music group TKA.

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

When it comes to Long Island’s nightlife, there’s no question that a part of the party scene belongs to a fairly mature set of fun-seekers

People that don't regularly head out in the evening for good times, dancing and social situations on LI may be under the impression that area pubs and clubs are solely full of twenty-somethings -- but in fact, there are a number of spots that count on the...

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Off-center things to do before (and during) the Super Bowl

A woman braves the cold waters of the

(Credit: Charles Eckert)

Super Bowl Sunday: It’s a safe bet that most Long Islanders know it’s the event for football fans, and for those who take the day seriously, the necessary preparations tend to follow a similar path – either get to a spot that will be running the game (it starts at 6:30 p.m.) and serving food and drink, or have a personal party at home (and make sure it’s also properly loaded with eats and beverages).


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Underground EDM on Valentine’s Day

DJ Frank Clementi, of Mastic Beach, in an

(Credit: Sam Froond)

When it comes to electronic dance music (EDM), sometimes the big hits aren't always a draw for all of its enthusiasts.

For fans of conventional electronic dance (pop music remixes, contemporary house; think current Grammy winners Daft Punk), most clubs on Long Island offer nights featuring DJs that spin the sort of tracks heard on radio mixshows and other popular music outlets -- but there...

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The Hops & Props Craft Beer Festival

The 2014 Hops & Props Craft Beer Festival

(Credit: Hops & Props)

It doesn't take much exploring to experience how important craft beer has become to Long Island nightlife.

Venture into most of LI’s newer pubs, and chances are the brew menu will feature more than just the Buds, Coors and other mainstream suds that once dominated the cooler space that holds a venue’s frosty libations in check, as craft beer (a beer produced by a brewer whose annual production...

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A big dance night for the North Shore

DJ Theo (pictured here at the now-defunct Neptune

(Credit: Gordon M. Grant, 2011)

Looks like the North Shore is going to get a rare blast of electronic dance come mid-February.

There have always been clubs and lounges both along Jericho Turnpike and in the busy villages north of NY-25 (Port Washington, Huntington, Bayville, Port Jefferson, Greenport) that offer DJ parties and dance floor-filled gatherings -- but when it comes to the major clubs, arenas and venues that specialize...

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The Puppy Love Hamptons Hoedown

Cats, rabbits and dogs like ?Chip? (pictured here;

(Credit: Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation)

When it comes to partying in the Hamptons, one of the major ways the South Fork scene tends to celebrate is through a summer series of gala benefits. During the warmer weather it’s not hard to find hundreds of Hamptonites attending these events, donating sizable amounts of money toward each of the causes given a night of spotlight attention.

However, come the winter, the fabulous fundraiser...

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