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Fire Island Beer Fest at Flynn’s

Long Island breweries will be among those on

(Credit: Starfish Junction)

If your passion for craft beer is strong enough to inspire a trip across the bay, the Fire Island Beer Fest will be but a ferry ride away.

Set for Saturday (Aug. 16) at Flynn’s in Ocean Bay Park, it’s an opportunity to sample several brands of suds born and brewed on Long Island (among other non-indigenous entries). Taking place between 1 p.m. to 5 p.m., the day will include offerings from...

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Saturday nights at Le Dock in Fair Harbor

The dock across from Le Dock in Fair

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

Although other spots on Fire Island have wilder reputations, Le Dock in Fair Harbor quietly throws some bustling good times of its own.

When it comes to Fire Island nightlife, promoted party bars and clubs like Sandbar, 470 Bay Walk, Ocean Beach (631-583-0388); Flynn’s, 1 Cayuga St., Ocean Bay Park (631-583-5000), and Ice Palace, 1 Ocean Walk, Cherry Grove  (631-597-6600) tend to attract...

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Pines Party returns with Chus + Ceballos in the mix

DJs Chus and Ceballos are Chus L. Esteban,

(Credit: Alberto Ortega/ Stereo Productions)

It’s no challenge to find lengthy DJ-driven bashes regularly going down around LI’s nightlife circuit -- but even the longest of get-togethers tend to wrap after six or seven hours -- unlike the Pines Party, an annual soiree that lasts almost two full days.

Returning to Fire Island Pines for its 2014 edition, the Pines Party is actually a fundraiser at its core, with net proceeds to benefit...

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Memorial Day weekend parties at Flynn’s Fire Island

King Wellington playing a live set at Flynn's

(Credit: Johnny Milano)

As the month of May rolls in (and the temperatures finally seem snow-proof) those among us on constant party-watch are now waiting for the hot LI summer spots to get going for 2014, and one has recently stated via social media and its website  that it’s going to go the extra mile come Memorial Day Weekend with a double-day celebration.

Located across the Great South Bay in Ocean Bay Park,...

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Surf's Out announces its 2014 kick-off

Surf?s Out in Kismet on Fire Island. The

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

It’s a fairly tedious notion to rehash how cold the past few months have been, especially knowing that it’s still pretty frigid outdoors right now, only a couple of weeks from the Spring Equinox — but Long Island nightlife peaks when the temperature rises, so getting word from the Fire Island summer spot Surf’s Out that it’s already planning its 2014 inaugural events is not just worthy of note but...

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Do Halloween across the bay at CJ's

The poster for the Halloween party to be

(Credit: Handout)

With October now in full swing, the attention of many party people is firmly pointed at Halloween.

There are a few days every year that are considered critical for great times at bars, clubs and other social spots – such as St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day, New Year’s Eve and the night before Thanksgiving – but the celebrating of Halloween on the late-night circuit is a special occasion like...

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‘BomBeat' at Flynn’s FI

Flynn's Fire Island in Ocean Bay Park. (Aug.

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

It’s not uncommon for DJs based anywhere from NYC to around the world to come to Long Island to deliver a session of dance music, but every once in a while, a mixer comes to LI with a rarer-found sort of sound.

For the most part, selectors (slang for “DJs”) that spin on LI put together sets that either combine a wide range of mainstream tracks (taken from genres such as pop, hit dance classics...

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Hanging out at the Kismet Inn

The Kismet Inn in Kismet, Fire Island. (Aug.

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

When it comes to nightlife and good times on the Island, deciding where to go often involves a search for “what’s new” or “what’s hot” -- with many bars, clubs and restaurants arriving with a flourish then fading away within a few years of opening.

Then again, among the hundreds of spots that have come and gone, there are a few that seem to have “always” been there, surviving for not just...

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Nightlife going strong in The Grove

The entrance to Cherry?s on the Bay in

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

To the delight of residents and visitors alike – the summer season has kicked off on Fire Island, in spite of what superstorm Sandy damaged.

There is no question that a great deal of rebuilding and repair is still necessary -- but with nightlife always considered a major component of the Fire Island experience -- anyone concerned with the current state of the bars and clubs across the Great...

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Flynn's is open and ready for Memorial Day Weekend

DJ Theo Pisani during a set at the

(Credit: Gordon M. Grant)

After all the damage suffered on Fire Island during Superstorm Sandy, it didn’t seem likely that summering out in those barrier beach hamlets would ever be the same.

Destruction of property and heavy erosion have been among the issues both residents and business owners have had to contend with while trying to restore the many communities found across the Great South Bay to previous conditions,...

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