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Dr. Madd Vibe has a pair of LI appointments

Fishbone band member Angelo Moore AKA "Dr. Madd

(Credit: Handout)

If you were involved with LI’s alternative music scene during the 1980s and '90s, you may recall lots of the college students and other young people of that era wearing T-shirts featuring a distinctive, day-glo drawing of a fish skeleton – which indicated that the wearer was likely a fan of the band Fishbone.

Known for its signature ska-inflected, punk-meets-funk rock sound, Fishbone occasionally...

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'Red Solo Cup' fundraiser at Nutty Bay Shore

The Nutty Irishman of Bay Shore has held

(Credit: Barbara Alper)

The item is called a “red Solo cup,” something virtually all of us have used at some point.

Produced by the Solo Cup Company, these bright red plastic cups are frequently used at picnics and parties and in games that involve adult beverages (especially beer pong).

The Nutty Irishman of Bay Shore is adding yet another occasion that will require a purposeful deployment of the crimson drink-ware:...

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Bay Street's 'Spring Fling'

The band Hoodoo Loungers will be performing jazz,

(Credit: Handout)

With Long Island seeing above-average temperatures lately (including record-setting heat on April 9), it would be understandable if the party people that regularly summer in the Hamptons were thinking of getting started early in 2013, before the standard Memorial Day weekend kickoff. So for anyone who has decided to make that move, an event worth consideration could be the Bay Street Theater's “Spring...

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