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Port Jazz closing its doors

The exterior sign of Port Jazz lights up

(Credit: John Griffin)

Although the new year has just arrived, the nightlife scene is already saying goodbye to one of its longer-lived and popular spots.

Port Jefferson Village is easily one of Long Island’s busier areas when it comes to good times in the evening, and over the past decade one of the hallmarks of that particular scene has been the palpable energy coming from Port Jazz, a nightclub located at 201...

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South Pointe closing its doors

A group of women hang out at South

(Credit: John Roca)

According to an Aug. 31 announcement on its Facebook page, the Southampton nightspot South Pointe has reportedly closed its doors for good after a final weekend of parties.

That social media proclamation -- which is also linked to an online article that provides elaboration on the venue’s closing -- is also tagged with a photo of pop singer Justin Bieber. South Pointe had recently gained national...

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McFadden's 'Farewell Tour 2013'

The dance floor is packed on a Friday

(Credit: David Pokress)

Throughout Monday, April 1, posts on the McFadden's Rockville Centre Facebook page kept mentioning a “farewell tour,” noting how there are only a limited number of remaining Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays before the bar would be closing its doors for good…which all seemed to be a joke, as this announcement was synchronous with April Fools' Day.

But as it turns out, these edicts were not...

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