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Debbie Deb and 2 in a Room at The Emporium

The marquee of The Emporium in Patchogue. Its

(Credit: Ian J. Stark)

The popularity of freestyle is still widely held on Long Island --and if that statement needs any backing, consider the strong turnouts received at most “Freestyle Explosions.”

These “explosions” -- a term which has generally been attached to the freestyle concerts held quarterly around the Island over the past few years -- seems to relate to its standard game plan of presenting rapid-fire...

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Lisa Lisa at The Emporium

Lisa Lisa (aka Lisa Velez) is perhaps freestyle

(Credit: Handout)

With all the live freestyle taking place on Long Island this month, one might get the impression that the onetime local phenomenon is due for a comeback.

Flip the calendar in reverse about 25 to 30 years, and you'd find virtually every club on LI had DJs spinning the danceable genre. And whether heard on the dance floor or cruising in the car while listening to radio stations (like WQHT-FM...

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DJ Boris coming back to LI

DJ Boris (aka Boris Inzhin) will be spinning

(Credit: JonPaul Pezzo | TRUST US ENTERTAINMENT )

Celebrity DJs have always made stops to spin on Long Island, but few can offer the promise of a bigger party than Boris.

Boris (aka Boris Inzhin) was born in Russia, but is long-considered an NYC property due to his history of successfully working Manhattan’s mega-clubs, drawing thousands and thousands of people to his city events. Delivering dozens of intense sessions over a period of many...

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The Misfits at The Emporium

The influential horror rock band The Misfits is

(Credit: Artists Worldwide)

Of all the bands that have performed on Long Island this year, few can be compared with The Misfits.

However, when it comes to the making of a comparison between the Lodi-based band and the rest of the musical world, the usual equations of success have to be thrown out – and instead replaced with points of legacy.

It’s not that The Misfits have sold enough records to compete with today’s...

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Snooki and EDM at 'Electric Christmas'

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi (seen here attending the "Self

(Credit: Getty Images)

For fans of dance music, getting to know the artists who sing the songs or the DJs who produce the beats can be a lengthy task.

Unlike pop stars -- whose efforts are both played and identified by radio and other mainstream outlets -- finding those responsible for a dance tune you may have casually heard in a club, the gym, a mall or other venue that regularly spins EDM often first requires...

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Freestyle set to ‘explode’ on Black Friday

Freestyle and dance artist Judy Torres will be

(Credit: BIG Management /

With the extended Thanksgiving holiday weekend fast upon us, some area residents may be looking for ways to entertain out-of-town guests planning to stay longer than just for a Thursday turkey dinner.

When discussing any possible late-night plans with your company, chances are that all will understand that an evening out at a club may include fun cocktails, DJs spinning beats and an opportunity...

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KMFDM to play The Emporium

The current lineup of industrial band KMFDM. The

(Credit: Ester Segarra)

It may be hard for LI clubgoers under 30 to imagine, but at one time, alternative music was a major sound found on the Long Island nightlife scene.

Today, most bars and clubs feature DJs that spin pop, EDM, hip-hop, classic tracks and country -- but between the years 1980-2000, several local late-night spots threw parties solely centered on danceable rock, new wave, punk and electronic tunes...

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Erick Morillo to open 'Dance Wednesdays' at The Emporium

DJ Erick Morillo is slated to spin at

(Credit: Dove Shore)

It’s a pretty common occurrence every summer for devoted fans of dance to drive east in order to catch a bash headed by a world-renowned DJ, but usually that journey involves a jaunt to the Hamptons. However, on June 5, such a trip need not head any further than North Ocean Avenue.

The Emporium (9 Railroad Ave., Patchogue, 631-627-8787) has already established itself as Long Island’s current...

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Nice & Smooth to 'make it funky' for LI

The Emporium in Patchogue has a restaurant, concert

(Credit: Randee Daddona)

When it comes to hip-hop, Long Island figures prominently as a part of the genre’s history; acts such as Eric B & Rakim, De La Soul, EPMD, Method Man, Busta Rhymes (and his former group Leaders of the New School), Keith Murray – as well as Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Public Enemy – all hail from either Nassau or Suffolk County.

Needless to say, with all of those MCs and DJs hailing from...

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Lisa Lisa (sans Cult Jam) to perform live

Lisa Lisa, born Lisa Velez, was the first

(Credit: Getty Images)

Freestyle music and Long Island have had a connection for decades. When the genre’s big days of radio and club play were at its strongest point, LI was solidly tuned in on both fronts – and although today the emotive, simple-sample, danceable tracks and ballads that are the calling cards of the genus are now considered strictly “classic” material, venues in Nassau and Suffolk county still regularly...

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