Home Delivery Subscriber Terms and Conditions

Newsday Customer Service Hours of Operation and Contact Information:
The Newsday customer service department is available to assist you Monday to Friday from 5:30 AM to 5:00 PM, Saturday from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM and Sunday from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM, including all holidays except Christmas. To reach the customer service department call 1-800-NEWSDAY (1-800-639-7329) during hours of operation to speak directly to a customer service representative. Outside of business hours, you can go to www.newsday.com/managemynewsday to complete a variety of transactions, or you can leave a message on Newsday’s voicemail system, which will be responded to at the start of business the next day.

Home Delivery Subscription Rates:
Subscription rates vary depending on, among other things, delivery days selected. Subscription rates may be guaranteed for a limited, initial period of time, for instance on an introductory or promotional rate. Subscriptions will automatically continue after the promotional or introductory rate period at the then published subscription rate. Newsday reserves the right to change subscription rates at any time, for any reason, in its sole discretion.

Promotional Rates/Promotional Gifts.
From time to time, Newsday may offer promotions to new subscribers or to current subscribers who agree to upgrade their subscription or enroll in automatic credit card payment (EZ Pay). The promotions may either consist of discounted rates for a limited time or promotional gifts. Promotional rates will apply only for the period of time specified for the promotion, and the subscription will automatically continue thereafter at the then regular published subscription rate unless the subscriber cancels the subscription or Newsday otherwise discontinues service for any reason. Any savings calculations appearing with new promotions are based on the cover price of Newsday. Promotions associated with new subscription starts are generally only available to new Nassau, Suffolk and Queens subscribers who have not received Newsday home delivery at any time within the previous 60 days and pay by credit card for their subscriptions. Existing subscribers in good standing converting from a mailed bill to EZ Pay may be eligible for a gift card from Newsday. Starting a new subscription or switching to EZ Pay does not automatically entitle you to a gift card and gift cards will be given out at Newsday’s discretion. Promotional gifts are limited to one per subscription and may not be combined with any other promotional offers. Age, residency, and other restrictions may apply to promotional gift offers. Please note that introductory and promotional rates and gifts usually require a commitment to continue subscription service for a minimum period of time and that early termination fees may apply. For example, a recipient of a promotional gift card will be responsible for an early termination fee of $100 if any of the following occurs prior to the expiration date of the first 52-weeks of such recipient’s subscription: (i) the recipient cancels the subscription; (ii) the recipient downgrades the subscription; or (iii) Newsday cancels the recipient’s subscription due to non-payment. Each recipient of a promotional gift card hereby authorizes Newsday to charge his or her credit card for any early termination fee.

Subscription payment is billed or your credit card will be charged in advance of each billing period. The current billing cycle is eight weeks. Upon completion of a billing cycle, delivery and billing will continue, unless the subscriber contacts Newsday to cancel delivery by calling 1-800-NEWSDAY. If you do not notify Newsday to cancel the subscription, delivery will continue on the payment method selected by you at Newsday’s then published delivery rate. If you cancel a subscription, Newsday will stop delivery and billing you or stop charging your credit card account for the following billing cycle. Payments made after a billing cycle has ended are considered in arrears. If payment is not made in a timely manner, Newsday reserves the right to suspend delivery until payment is received. Each new billing cycle is deemed a renewal of the subscription and may be at a higher rate. Frequency and amount of rate increases, billing terms, and billing cycles can be changed at any time at the discretion of Newsday.

Digital Access Policy:
All Newsday subscribers receive full unlimited digital access – a $180/year value no-cost benefit for all Newsday Home Delivery subscribers. Subscribers will need to complete a one-time simple registration process to enjoy full, unlimited digital access to Newsday.com and all Newsday’s apps.

Vacation Suspension Policy:
Newsday allows its subscribers to temporarily suspend the home delivery portion of their subscription while on vacation or otherwise away from home. Expiration dates are not adjusted into the future for temporary vacation suspensions, and a credit will not be issued. While on vacation all Newsday subscribers will continue to have full access to Newsday.com and the apps.

Premium Days:
Each year, certain days on which we publish the Paper are designated as “Premium Days.” Premium Days are typically certain national holidays (such as Thanksgiving) or other days on which we deliver a special edition of the Paper or other unique content (such as the Explore LI FunBook) to all active subscribers. A list of premium days will be published every day in the newspaper main index, usually found on page 2, along with Newsday pricing information. In addition to the award-winning news coverage and features and sections typically included in the Paper for that day of the week, Premium Day editions may also include special sections or coverage, such as holiday-related and/or season-specific content like our ExploreLI FunBook. Premium Day editions are also typically packed with holiday savings and special offers from our advertisers and other promotional partners. Premium Day editions are billed to your account at the Sunday cover price or other price stated in the published list of Premium Days. Premium Days are not included in stated, published [or promotional] Subscription Rates. Home delivery subscribers will see a reduction in their then current subscription length (i.e., the related billing cycle) to offset the rates for Premium Days falling within such subscription term.

Missed Deliveries:
Should you miss delivery on any given day, you can contact Newsday at 1-800-NEWSDAY to request a redelivery. Redelivery is available if you call before 10:00 AM Monday through Friday, before 11:00 AM on Saturday, and before 12:00 PM on Sunday. If you call after the redelivery cutoff time, or do not wish the newspaper to be redelivered, your expiration date will be extended for each day of missed delivery.

The physical placement of Newsday when it is delivered to your home or business is determined by our distributors and/or their service providers. You may make a request for the specific placement of Newsday at your address, which we will communicate to the appropriate distributor. However, such requests are ultimately handled by our distributors and/or their service providers and we cannot guarantee that all such requests will be accommodated.

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