Natashia Ross-Pierre is on a mission to educate women of color about breast cancer.

“After I was diagnosed, I decided that if I didn’t spread the word to help women like me, my journey would be useless. I had to turn this experience into something positive.”

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Natashia blogs daily and has a Facebook page, where she shares information she’s learned along the way.

“Black women often are taking care of everyone but themselves,” she says. “It’s important for them to know about monthly self breast exams and other tools to protect their health.”

Natashia credits her survival to the love and support she received from her husband Joel, her friends Sara and Fulvie and her mother-in-law, in particular. Her mother-in-law, who owns a restaurant, brought meals to Natashia and her family during her recovery.

The Islip Breast Cancer Coalition was also a huge source of support for Natashia. She encourages other survivors to find and join support groups that provide comprehensive programs addressing mind, body and spirit.