When Vera Drayton was told she had breast cancer in late January 1995, it was a complete surprise.

I didn’t have a lump or any other symptoms,” says Vera.

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But her routine mammogram revealed a suspicious mass. “When the doctor told me to come in for a follow-up, I still wasn’t concerned,” she says. “It wasn’t until he did the biopsy and said I had cancer that I had even thought it was possible.“

Today, more than 15 years later, Vera is cancer-free and feeling healthy.

“I used to think cancer was a deadly weapon,” she says. “And, although it can be, I learned that you can live a very long time after having cancer - I’m proof of it!”

Vera says it was her religious faith, along with the support of her husband, her children and her “church family,” that kept her calm.

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“At first, it’s scary to hear the word ‘cancer,’ but I just knew I would be healed,” she says.